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Christies Beach residents trust Divine Health & Beauty for their laser hair removal. 

Don't get caught out sporting unwanted hair! 

At Divine Health & Beauty, I offer Christies Beach residents the opportunity to be rid of unwanted hair with our laser hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal works to permanently reduce hair across several cost-friendly treatments. Our safe laser system penetrates the hair follicle to damage it, causing your unwanted hair to fall out. The damage to the hair follicle means the hair won’t grow back, permanently reducing hair growth. Pretty cool, right? That means you won’t get caught out sporting unwanted hair again! Whilst it can take several sessions to achieve this goal, it is the most cost-effective solution for permanent hair reduction. Shaving and waxing provide temporary smooth skin but think about how much you spend on a wax appointment every 4-6 weeks or how many razors you go through a year. These methods are ongoing and don’t permanently reduce your hair, plus they can be painful!

This is your sign to break up with your razor and get laser hair removal at Divine Health & Beauty to permanently reduce your unwanted hair. Contact us today.

Christies Beach community, bin your razors & discover laser hair removal at Divine Health & Beauty!

Divine Health & Beauty offers permanent laser hair removal to the people of Christies Beach and surrounding suburbs. Do you find yourself at the waxing salon every 4-6 weeks for that painful treatment? It’s time to say goodbye to waxing and hello to laser hair removal. Whilst waxing provides a longer hairless solution over shaving, it doesn’t permanently reduce your hair growth. It rips the hair from the root, which is as painful as it sounds! Although the hair has been pulled from the root, it still allows the hair to grow back at a slower rate than shaving. This leaves room for skin irritation and even more opportunity for those annoying ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal is a more cost-effective solution for you. It works by permanently reducing hair growth over several sessions, so eventually, your unwanted hair is almost non-existent.

Get the permanent choice, not the painful one! Contact Divine Health & Beauty to book your laser hair removal session today!

Christies Beach client trusts us for their leg laser hair removal
We are trusted by the Christies Beach community for safe brazilian laser hair removal
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Divine Health & Beauty provide the Christies Beach community with quality laser hair removal treatments.

Ingrown hairs are a thing of the past with laser hair removal!

Divine Health & Beauty provide Christies Beach residents with a safe, respectful and private environment for their laser hair removal treatments. Are you new to laser hair removal? Perhaps you want hair removal from a private area of your body? I understand that you might be nervous during your first couple of sessions, but that’s ok! Divine Health & Beauty is a safe, caring space for women to pamper themselves without fear of judgement. I even offer free initial consultations to assess your skin and hair type and provide a treatment plan to permanently reduce your hair.

For a beauty therapist that will go above and beyond for you during your laser hair removal journey, contact Divine Health & Beauty to book a free initial consultation.