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It's time to ditch your razor & get the permanent solution with laser hair removal near Reynella!

Permanent hair reduction is only a phone call away.

The Reynella community achieve their permanent hair reduction goals with laser hair removal at Divine Health & Beauty. Yes, you read that right. Permanent hair reduction! Laser hair removal differs from your typical hair removal solutions, like shaving and waxing, by working to reduce hair growth. The laser system I use works by penetrating your hair follicles that are located just beneath the skin to destroy them and cause your unwanted hair to fall out. This almost pain-free method means that hair growth should be almost non-existent after a course of several treatments. With laser hair removal, you can say goodbye to those razors, cuts, skin irritation and unnecessary plastic waste. Laser hair removal is a safe and affordable way to remove unwanted hair from any body part, and it works on most skin and hair types!

What are you waiting for? Don’t get caught out at the gym with your unwanted hair on display again. Contact Divine Health & Beauty to get started with your laser hair removal treatments.

Reynella residents achieve smooth & glowing skin with Divine Health & Beauty’s laser hair removal.

Divine Health & Beauty is well-known in the Reynella community for providing high-quality laser hair removal services. Are you tired of the tedium of shaving? Do you dread visiting the salon every 4-6 weeks for a painful waxing session? If you answered yes to either of those questions laser hair removal is your answer!

At Divine Health & Beauty, my laser machine works on most skin and hair types, from blondes to brunettes and most colours in between. If you’re a regular when it comes to waxing, you understand how painful it is and how much it costs. Whilst it lasts longer than shaving, you’re back at the salon the next month to do it again. Laser hair removal will help you save considerable money in the long run because it will provide more effective long-term results.

Don’t sit through another painful waxing appointment again. Contact Divine Health & Beauty to book your laser removal treatment.

Laser hair removal on underarms for Reynella resident
Laser hair removal on upper lip for Reynella client

The Reynella community choose Divine Health & Beauty for expert laser hair removal.

I’ll take the time to explain why laser hair removal is the choice for you.

Divine Health & Beauty provide Reynella residents with a safe and welcoming environment for their laser hair removal treatments. At Divine Health & Beauty, I don’t treat you as just a number. I pride myself on providing you with friendly and caring service in a safe space, free of judgement. My salon is solely owned and operated by me, meaning your appointments will be with the same therapist every time. No more explaining how you like your treatment to a new therapist every appointment. This level of care in a private and respectful environment ensures you are relaxed and comfortable with every treatment.

I understand that undergoing a new treatment might be daunting and make you nervous. That’s why I offer you an initial consultation free. In this appointment, I will talk you through the laser hair removal process and answer any questions so you know what to expect. I will also assess your hair and skin type to provide information on how many sessions you will need to achieve your hair-free goals.

If you’re in Reynella and contemplating laser hair removal, contact Divine Health & Beauty to arrange a free initial consultation and experience the difference of permanent hair reduction!